Trainer/coach:  Anthony Faradie

Offering individual and small group training at the middle school, high school, collegiate, and adult/professional levels.

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I have always felt that the key to success is "Hard Work."  However, I don't believe that is the only factor.  In many times in life my work ethic was always there but I needed someone to guide me and show me how to work hard.  Where and what should I put my energy into?  What are the key steps?


Setting goals-  Setting attainable goals is an essential first step.  What is it that you want to achieve?  Set a time table.  Make it realistic and acheivable.  Write it down somewhere and keep it visible to consistently remind yourself.  Envision reaching your goal and how you will feel when you accomplish it.  Makes steps towards your goal and include deadlines to achieve each step.

Educate yourself-  Do your research!  What is the best way to achieve your goal?  Anything is attainable.  There are many ways to research?  Search credible online sources, read books or articles, watch instructional videos... Nowadays there are so many social media platforms that can also help you attain your goals.  Do your research to make sure that your sources are legit.

Hard work-  After you have set your goals and have educated yourself on how to meet those goals is where your work ethic kicks in!  Give it everything you have and strive for excellence.  Give it your max effort!

Reflect (failure vs success)-  Sometimes we need to fail in order to achieve success.  Think of failure as constructive criticism.  If you didn't meet your goal there must be a reason why!  Use failure as a learning experience and turn it into a positive.  Make yourself better and learn!  Once you achieve success reflect and understand what you did well and not so well.  What can you get better at?  What are the keys that made you successful?  Can you improve in a certain area?  Is it time to form a new goal?